4 comments on “cheese..

  1. Are you wearing a thong? You should try bear, and moose. Both quite tasty Mike. This idea of yours is way better than those 100 day vegetarian diets I find people doing.
    Have you eaten Weasel’s sausage yet?

    • Bear and Moose, hmm, will have to get to North America for that. Watch this space I suppose..
      Won’t catch me doing vegetarian Saulbags, can’t eat meat if you do that.
      And that’s a no to Weasel’s sausage bro. Let me know how it tastes

  2. Loving your work Campbell, it’s almost like we are sitting next to each other and you’re telling a wonderful story each week I read your blog. You may sense sarcasm but to clarify I am seriously enjoying the blog mate. I’d like to offer my cooking skills if you make it to Europe this year… Ciao

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