About Mike

If you don’t already know all about Mike, where have you been? Not quite sure? Here is a bland-ish bio, just for you (the masses).

I am a trainer and nutrition coach in Sydney. I run a very successful one on one business in Sydney’s CBD as well as online coaching.

I am the ultimate food and training geek. I keep things simple and make intelligent choices. I love meat, training, researching, reading, eating quality food and now- writing.

At the beginning of 2012 I started a journey to eat 52 meats in 52 weeks and blog about my tales. I also write regularly about my philosophies and opinions as well as providing simplified information on training, nutrition and health.

This year’s challenge I have teamed up with my girlfriend to bring you ’52 Eats over 52 Weeks’ where choose a different eatery and rate it on all areas, including most importantly nutrition and health.

My blog is constantly expanding and currently has close to 1000 views per week in over 100 countries.

My specialty lies in training corporate males 25-50 years old and getting them get lean, strong and helping them unleash their ‘inner alpha’. During my 8 years as a trainer and coach I have found that many men suffer from many of the same common problems. My experience, research, and anecdotal observations have led me to an inescapable conclusion; we men lack the body, energy and confidence we wish we had, and as a result of this the rest of our life suffers; it negatively impacts at home, work and in our social groups.

Part of the quandary is that we are confronted with completely overwhelming and confusing information on how to make a positive change and accordingly we simply don’t how best to go about it.

We men can no longer work out how to be men – what changes we need to make, who to role model, what foods to eat, how to exercise, how to make positive changes in our attitude.

I have a structure that helps men become muscular, strong and unleash their own ‘Inner Alpha Male’ so that the rest of their life aligns and they can start kicking goals in every aspect of their life.

When I work with men I leave them feeling strong, powerful, energetic and in control of their lives.

I do this because I believe what it is to be a man these days has faded and taken a bad turn. We have an over abundance of overweight and ‘hormonally challenged’ men with no game, no mojo, no real masculinity. As well as this we see a plethora of men with fake confidence, bravado and ego which hide a deep down lack of self worth. Something must be done to address the abundance of these traits.

This is crucial for all those men who are missing something in their lives, and also if society is to produce a functioning next generation of men we must see a mass change.

However, I also believe there has never been a better time to get the worlds men back on track.

This is my passion and I am currently in the process of writing a book targeted at men specifically with this in mind. My book is designed to take the confusion out of health and fitness, help men get in great shape and find their A-game, which will in turn help them become well rounded men.

I can’t wait to get this book out to you, as it has heaps of awesome information specifically to help men become legends in their own body!

Mike grew up in New Zealand and lived a very active youth, competing in rugby, tennis, cricket and athletics. He attended university in Dunedin and attained a Bachelor of Physical Education in Exercise Prescription and Management.

He went on to begin working in the fitness industry in New Zealand before working in London with corporate and sports specific clients, and now here in Sydney runs a very successful training business as part of one of the most respected personal training teams in NSW, at Fitness First George St.

In between he has played competitive rugby around the world as well as travelling extensively. During this time he has gained experience from many areas which he brings to his training.

Mike likes a challenge and thrives on competition and this is something that influences his approach to training. He invests time and energy into each of his clients, is motivated to succeed, thrives on seeing results and a positive change in peoples lives. This creates a happy client, which is something he strives for every day.

Mike’s main interests in terms of training are integrated movements that use a lot of muscle groups, get the heart working and keep the intensity high.  Humans are designed to move freely through all planes of movement, and this forms the cornerstone of Mikes training philosophy.  He uses the latest in training and nutrition research in combination with and his extensive experience to optimise his clients results. Mike’s training interests and approaches also involve client education, functional movements, injury prehab/rehab and postural correction, which when all brought together achieve a range of goals from weight loss to athletic conditioning. Mike attacks training and life with a holistic philosophy and enjoys the benefits that brings to himself and his clients.

Outside of the gym Mike’s surrounds himself with friends and family, loves music and live gigs, comedy, reading, the beach, travel, photography and of course food. Other than that, he loves a good breath of air, many a day in fact. The end. For now.

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