Hey society- are we a bunch of lazy f**kers or what?!

It dawned on me recently while I was travelling, just some of the ridiculous measures we go to in order to relieve ourselves of a little bit of effort. I think anyone who’s ever been in an airport or a shopping centre will be familiar with the ‘travelator’ or moving walkway; the escalator that runs flat along the ground.

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Just call me James Bond

There seems to be some debate, on the internet anyway, what the correct and proper plural term for ‘Octopus’ is.

I thought it would be ‘Octopi’, and so did many other people as it turns out, however, it is actually ‘Octopuses’.  Perhaps Octopussy is better, certainly for this purpose, as I essentially claimed James Bond status this week by taking down four octopuses in one sitting. Octopussy’s. Whatever…

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Fush ‘n Chups

I get asked many questions about this 52 meats challenge, and frequently. They vary significantly, however, one that has certainly popped up more than most as the weeks have progressed is:

Do you get sick of it?

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F**k you snake!!

Where do I begin

As 2012 progresses and the weeks march on I continue to search out different meats to source, cook and most importantly- eat.

Sometimes this has gone well. Extremely well. Sometimes, however, they have not. At all.

Simon says- Shoot that bird!

Today I embark on a very different 52 meats journey. I plan to get this weeks meat by means of shooting it, (and killing it if necessary, if my shot is as bad as I imagine it will be), butchering it, cooking the meat and lastly of course- eating it!

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