Mike’s training Vids

This page contains videos of some of my own training sessions. Always helps to see what it should look like!


Time for something new- this is the finisher I did after yesterday’s leg workout (Monday Feb 4th 2013). It is rest/pause training. I picked a weight I can do 10 reps for, then completed 8. Rested for 20 seconds and did as many as I could, then rested for another 20 seconds before hitting as many as I could again. I got 10 and 12 respectively and those last 12 hurt! An awesome way to fatigue the muscles and create an anabolic environment for growth of new muscle. Just strap your hard pants on first.


This is a clip from last week- some heavy rack pulls to get the dead lift strength up. This way we can overload the bar past 1 rep maximum weight and essentially do half the pull of a dead lift. Felt pretty good.

A dead lift max today with mate Dan Lowry from Performance IQ- High Performance Conditioning. Sadly him showing me up well and truly with this monster lift of 225kg. I managed 170kg but no good after that! However, see below for our follow up exercise- Zurcher good mornings. Great for nailing the posterior chain and strengthening the muscles needed to squat and dead lift heavy (like a boss)!


Ok so the Human flag stuff was fun but I also got into some heavy stuff this week and knocked off a personal best back squat- 150kg for 3 reps. Only set out for two but felt strong so pushed on through. have to make the most of those situations where it clicks, that’s how PB’s like this happen!

It’s been a while since I’ve put any new videos up- travelling didn’t really foster great training footage. But, I’m back into my work and have the first clip of my human flag progression!  Admittedly it’s not super long, but trust me if you haven’t tried this- IT’S HARD! I’ve watched it and run the stop watch and I’m going to cement a 2.5 second hold… That’s half way to my goal of 5 seconds. Hell yeah! Thoughts?

Also this week (July 10) to show it’s not all squats and dead lifts- Here is some heavy bench press work. Feel great to be lifting 100kg and over again! Got some up at 110kg but not enough boys around to film that one…  Have any questions as to why my technique looks like it does? Contact me and fire away!

This week (July 9) I sarted the week off in style with some heavy low box squats again. Similar weights but starting to feel easier. Well that is the 140kg. The 150kg a different story on rep number 2 as you’ll hear from my expletives. Special thank to camera man/commentator Franco- hilarious stuff!

Ended the week (Friday June 29) with some good mornings and strict overhead press to start and a brutal finisher of 20 reps of kettlebell swings with two 20kg bells followed by 30metre 100kg sled push for 3 rounds. That I didn’t capture, but some of the GM and press I did. here we go:

Back into some heavy low box squats this week. Inspired by some youtube clips of Ronnie Coleman lifting stupidly heavy. Time to squat, and to quote Ronnie “I’m gonna do this!”

This week (Thursday June 14) I’ve been practicing some of the skills I was honing all weekend on an Olympic lifting course. I’ve done a bit of this in the past, and it was great to get in two full days concentrating on technique for what are fine movements that need attention to detail, as you’ll see in the speed of my lifts… Much more on this style of training to come in the future.

power snatch:

Click here to view my power clean with full squat and jerk:


Friday’s dead lift day at the moment, so this morning I busted out some heavy lifts and some seated good mornings. It’s been a while on those puppies, so I’ll be feeling the ‘xmas hams’ over the weekend! June 1st.

Dead lifts: 160kg for 3 reps

 Seated good mornings: 70kg for 8 reps

Here is the high intensity hit out I did with the girls. Have you given it a go?

Friday May 25, almost a year since I broke my arm and then some resulting shoulder issues meaning I had to lay off any overhead lifting, let alone heavy, but today I jumped back on the horse and cracked out 60kg for 5 reps, felt good too, although heavy obviously…

Something a bit different today. This is called an Oscillating Pendulum Bench Press. As you’ll see it looks a bit chaotic, which is actually another name for it- the chaos bench. The purpose of this is to create an unstable bar requiring the big muscles of the posterior chain- the hammies, gluts, and especially the lats and spinal erectors- to fire and keep the body and bar stable and controlled. This effectively makes this movement a pull as well as being a push. After this I could feel all up my back firing something chronic! I almost lose it on the first one there, but manage to reign it in. Regardless of how it looks, it’s difficult and should only be attempted by advanced and strong trainees.

The second one here is lighter, however the 10kg kettlebells have been swapped for a 4kg and 6kg, making it uneven side to side, hence increasing the instability. Thanks for Nardia for filming (and commentating) and Dan Lowry for the upskill.

Squat progress Monday 16th April. Tough session at the end, my legs were almost collapsing under me, but these heavy ones to start: High box squats with 7 raises, last two sets at 160kg for 2 reps and 170kg for 1, a new PB:

Advanced German Body Composition training from Easter weekend 2012:

Monday 2nd April, high box squats. Made 160kg for 2 reps, this is 150kg for 3:

New in week of 26/3/12: 140kg low box squat for 2 reps

Dead lift progress early 2012:

Squat progress early 2012:

Previous dead lift bests mid 2011 pre broken hand:

5 comments on “Mike’s training Vids

  1. 2 Questions for you:

    1) What is the benefit of doing a Box squat vs a Back or Front Squat
    2) Why do you lift heavy with no shoes?


    • Well Nards it depends entirely on the individual and their desired outcome.
      However to give you a quick idea with the box squat question:
      – For most people it will designed to have a slight pause at the box, this will break up the eccentric/concentric chain of movement (down/up) requiring the lifter to ‘start again’ at the bottom. This is a much heavier and harder lift than a normal back or front squat for this very reason. It will require much more strength through the support structure of the torso to hold neutral spine, which is usually the first breaking point for a lot of people when they start getting towards failure on the final reps of a set. Because of that the box squat is a great way to increase that strength and promote power through those sticking points. Back and front squats have their place for other reasons, normal back squats being more a combo of hip and knee (glut, hammy and quad) while front squats more knee based, so loading the quads.
      As for the no shoes:
      – I personally do this as I do not have proper lifting shoes, which have a solid, usually wooden, sole, which allows for greater proprioception with the ground, where you are pushing and producing force. Using normal ‘sneakers’ has a cushioned sole which decreases your force production. To exaggerate this, imagine squatting heavy standing on a couch cushion… It would be hard to get a decent weight up wouldn’t it? I use no shoes as a cheap and easy alternative to allow me to create good ground force.
      That answer it??

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