Exclusive opportunity for one guy only!


I have a unique and awesome opportunity for ONE GUY to come on board as a case study for my new book. This will be COMPLETELY FREE and will provide you with a complete blue print to get in the best shape of your life.
We will be working together 3 times per week face to face in Sydney and this will run for 8 weeks TOTALLY FREE!!! This is normally valued at well over $3500 but it ’s FREE for one lucky guy.

(Note: Sydney)
This is an exclusive opportunity for someone to overhaul their current world and start kicking goals in every aspect of their life. You’ll also feature in my book, how cool is that?! I’ll even throw in a couple of free copies so you can give to whoever needs impressing…In order to apply you must convince me that you are the right man for the position. In no fewer than 500 words explain to me why you are the perfect candidate. You must convince me that I should invest in you over anyone else to help you become a legend in your own rite. A man who is strong, lean, powerful, confident and has his shit sorted.

This is only for guys who are ready to change and commit to doing what it takes (i.e. pulling finger and following my orders…) The successful applicant does not have to already be a gym goer but must currently be overweight, looking to shift excess body fat and get in top shape.

You must enclose up to date ‘before’ pictures and tell me not only why you want this but what you want your after pictures to look like and what is currently missing in your life. Not in a superficial way- get deep man!

Christmas is coming and so is the toughest period of the year, so take this into consideration when you apply. If you don’t think you can cut it through this tough period then don’t bother. We will be working through this waistline challenging period so you can hit the New Year a new man!

This is an awesome opportunity for ONE PERSON ONLY, so if it’s not you please share around with any man you think may fit the bill. And sorry ladies- this is for males only. However, if you know one who sounds perfect then get them to message me with their application and your details attached and it will be considered with all other applicants.

Obviously I am in Sydney and this is how this will work best, but if you are somewhere else it’s still a faint possibility, you’ll just have to be very convincing in your application.IS THIS YOU? Send me a message with your application letter to this email mikecampbelltraining@gmail.com with subject: ‘Book offer’
Offer ends Wednesday 28th November 12pm (2012) Sydney time.


That guy:

Why did the peacock cross the road?

To get himself a tasty Peahen!!

Sometimes in life you need to show off just a little. Letting people know what you’ve got and what it is that makes you someone to interact with or be around.

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Not much change for $100…

Not having a fridge makes my most obvious hobby a huge challenge. Add to that finalising the pitch and synopsis for my upcoming book and it was another interesting week for Meat Mike Campbell.

That’s me. And the hobby is cooking, if it wasn’t obvious.

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