Quickest week ever

Everything about this week’s meat and post is a race.

Well, basically.

I didn’t start out with those intentions, but it kind of unfolded that way and I quite like it. Of course you can’t see me as I write this but I’m racing. Super fast typing (well, as fast as I can manage, which isn’t actually that fast), saving time at lightening speeds, not even editing at aAll, (haa, insert weak laugh here) heck I’m even drinking water more rapidly, watching the news and enjoying the view all at the same time.

In short- I’m saving time.

Why? Because I’ve actually started writing my book. Yep, I’m going to lay down a manuscript before Xmas. The next 30 days is going to see me create something that is going to help men everywhere, and the women around them. Want it? In time good people of the internet, in time…

So, I’m moving quickly because my time is being spent writing a kick arse book. This has manifested this week with the writing I’m doing right now and the other thing I inevitably do every week– sourcing, cooking (if necessary) and eating a different meat.

So, I would say I’ve had a few meats that required not much preparation. Some red meats in a hot pan is quick and easy, like the wallaby for example. My super tasty prawn curry is delicious and takes hardly any time at all.

Huh, that reminds me, in all my hasty action this week I included that into this week’s meat dinner.

How did I do that?

Well this week’s meat was so super easy and fast, all I had to do was open the container, use my dexterity with a fork in hand and get eating.

I know you must be thinking ‘what did you eat man?!’ Well if you’re a fan on my facebook page you may have seen this photo:


 Flattering I know…

The fish markets provided for me again this week as I picked up some Jellyfish! Yeah, jellyfish. Weird!

Has anyone eaten jellyfish meat?

This came in the form of a Jellyfish salad ready to go. So I decided, after having spoken to the helpful girl who sold me said jellyfish, that this would be entree and dinner would be my prawn curry with some added white fish (John Dory. That’s a fish, not a bloke), and some additional greens to the normal spinach.

Literally all I had to do when it came time to eat was open the container and dig in.

So how was it?

This jellyfish salad was obviously ready to go. It had been prepared with a few additions and had a definite spicy kick to it. What exactly was in it, at the time I had little clue. It was a weird taste and consistency for sure. It felt like I was eating slightly cooked noodles.

Having looked into it more now there is a good chance this was rehydrated jellyfish flavoured with soy sauce, sesame oil and chilli sauce.

NN wasn’t such a fan, and neither was I really. I just ate it because; well it felt like a bit of a cop out on the whole.

I mean it is the meat of an animal; the jellyfish. Which one is hard to pin down, but it would seem the most common species harvested in Japan, where this came from, is the Cannonball Jellyfish, but it is very different to a piece of beef steak right?

Anyway, as week 46 on this journey of meat, it cut the mustard, as it were. Plus if you’re looking for nutrition go no further. Unless there is some more nutritious quality meat nearby. Don’t get me wrong, the jellyfish isn’t empty bad calories like soft drinks or alcohol, it just doesn’t have that much of its good stuff. It does contain protein, omega 3 fatty acids as well as iron and selenium. So if you’re looking for a new option as a part of your culinary arsenal for improving your healthy, dropping body fat and getting into great shape then ‘have at it’. Jellyfish is all the rage as an entree in Chinese cuisine apparently.

Just make sure you follow it up with a super tasty and nutritious meal like my prawn curry.

So, this year’s fastest meal has given birth to this year’s fastest blog post. As you’ll see above, photos were limited this week, due to all the, ah, rapidity and that…

Next week though I’ll endeavour to provide an actual meal. I’m not sure what I’ll do as I still have a couple of weeks to sort meat for this challenge. Some are sorted and I think there are a couple of top ten contenders in there. These other ones, well, we’ll see.

I’d love some actual workable suggestions. Please feel free to leave yours below in the comments box. Go on…….

As for my book, I’m pretty damn pumped about it. The introduction is all but done and it makes me want to get it to people now!

I can’t decide on what to tell people about it just yet. Let’s see how much interest I get on here, over on my facebook page and twitter and I’ll make a decision as to whether or not I’ll unveil.

Hit me with your interest.

Meat Mike Campbell

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