South American big breaky

I’ve just had a revelation I am killing it! 2012 is 30 weeks old, which means I have eaten a different meat each week for 30 consecutive weeks! Is this pure stubbornness on my part, or am I determined, focused and thoroughly enjoying, revelling in even, what is a very different, yet horizon expanding challenge?

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Hunting the giant squid

This week started on an absolute high. Appearing on live TV for the first time, whilst also cooking a completely new meat for this challenge; my 52 meats in 52 weeks, and making sure to not only avoid muddling my words or ramble aimlessly, but to speak clearly, confidently and get my story and message across in the short time slot available, was quite frankly- terrifying.

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3 keys to optimal nutrition- part 2

Why is there such a common disparity between ‘What I know I should do’ and ‘What I actually do’ when it comes to food, eating and nutrition?

If we know what we should do, why aren’t we doing it? Is it simply a case of taking yourself, your body and your health for granted? I commonly use myself as an example, it’s the easiest one to use, and I think I live pretty well and I certainly strive to practice what I preach and walk what I talk.  Continue reading

Hey hey it’s SaTHARday!!

This weekend I did something that was frightening, exciting and confusing all in one. It would have absolutely freaked me out 12 months ago, let alone seemed a possible reality. As some of my regular followers may now be aware I was interviewed on live TV about my 52 Meats 52 Weeks challenge idea that started only just over 6 months ago.

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Sir, there’s a hare in my dinner

I concluded the first half of this year with a somewhat bitter and particularly disappointing meal of lamb’s liver and kidneys. Not really the celebration I had in mind for the half way point in this 52 meat challenge. However, I have redeemed myself and the idea of trying new meats with a superb effort for week 27!

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3 key nutritional rules for optimising body composition & health

Today I’m going to reveal a way of approaching nutrition that will get you into those jeans that mock you for their tightness, help bring out your abs, guns and get your body healthy!

For some reason this is over looked a lot of the time and main stream mass media can be largely held to blame. I believe the foundation to optimal nutrition for all of us lies first off in 3 key areas.

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Mid way- an epic fail!

I currently sit on my balcony overlooking the beautiful city of Sydney, its iconic Harbour Bridge, harbour and Opera house as well as a few naval boats among other attractive and distracting visions. There’s quite a lot of take in.

However, what’s foremost in my mind even in the presence of all of these sights is the fact that with the conclusion of the week just been comes the mid way point of 2012. A year in which I intend to eat a different meat every week, meaning I am exactly half way through! Is it only me that thinks- Holy s**tballs!?

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