I had an offal time

It’s been two weeks in a row of unsatisfactory new meats leading into this week- week 21.

I was slightly nervous, especially because Tom the butcher had sourced some seemingly hard to come by Veal Sweetbreads. The thought in my head instantly is: can I redeem myself and cook a top notch and tasty meal for my weekly meat with a complete unknown? It’s about time I did! Continue reading

Getting lean and sexy- the action plan

Today we start on the roadmap to lean and sexy!

Last week’s post about females, training and what I think is sexy seemed to cause a slight stir. Some people questioned my opinions, but the majority were in agreeance. This short letter in particular from a female client of mine is a great example:

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The chilly mountains provide

After the relative disaster that was the emu last week, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking I came into this week slightly apprehensive about my next meat challenge.

Sure I cook meat all the time and generally do a bang up job, if I do say so myself, but something like that, especially when you broadcast it to many, can take a big chunk of your confidence.

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Sexy, fit and strong- how girls should be

Lately I’ve been sharing some stories of how I train, how it works for me and how it can work for you too. I am by no means directing this at any one group in particular; although I’m aware it will most likely resonate with guys in terms of getting lean and putting on muscular size. However, what I’m saying is: this is for everyone.

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How to bring out your six pack

Last week I spoke about Intermittent Fasting (IF) and how it has worked for me, in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Over the first part of this year I managed to maintain a low body fat percentage, around 9%, and at the same time increase lean muscle by over 2kg. IF certainly played a role in this, however, it was not the only factor at play.

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A tongue full of cheek

This week, arriving back from Bali early on Tuesday morning after a flight through the night and little sleep, meant an unproductive morning. That afternoon I had the amazing opportunity to meet Heston Blumenthal and watch a private rehearsal for his live show in Sydney that night thanks to one of my clients. If you don’t know who he is, copy and paste his name to Google and have fun watching his amazing food creations.

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