Push up start/finish position

• The key before any movement takes place is to ensure that you keep neutral spine, just as discussed with the squat and lunge, but with your body horizontal this is now much harder.
• You will need to activate through your lower abs and ensure that your pelvis doesn’t drop causing more than neutral lumbar curve in your lower back. Also activate through your upper (thoracic) spine and push your chest towards the ground in front of you. This should load up on your lower abs too. Keep this tight throughout the movement.
• Keep your spine parallel to the floor creating as slight bend at your hips. If you have your spine going straight from your shoulders through your hips and to your toes this will place more pressure and load on the lower abs, and therefore making it harder to keep neutral spine and risking loading the lower back if your abs fail.
• Have your hands just outside shoulder width with arms straight, from here lower towards the ground, and for a safe push, make sure your elbows move on a 45° angle from your body. Make solid contact on the ground with your feet and drive your toes into the ground to activate your lower body.
• Whilst lowering make sure your shoulder blades hold a neutral position and are NOT protruding forward.
• Keep tight through your stomach and spine and lower counting to 3 then drive back up pushing your hands into the ground up to the starting position.
• I’ve done this hands and toes on the ground, if this is too tough then raise your hands onto a surface to incline your body and decrease the load as opposed to dropping your knees to the ground.

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