2013- The Inception (but without Leonardo DiCaprio)

I’m back.

Where, I sense you ask? All up in your reading grill, that’s where. I’m in your grill and you’re reading.

Or something like that. 

The reason I’m back in your grill is because Twenty12 is so, like, last year and that…

 SO last year

Also, like, so last year…

And with the dawn and commencement of 2013, or Twenty13, the time has come to put the year of 52 meats behind me and start this one with something new.

Something with much more shared value to it.

What are you gonna do Mike?

You asked that in your head didn’t you? It’s ok, you can admit it. I did. I asked myself “OK, that year was pretty fucken epic, huge even, so what are you going to do this year? Can you be arsed doing anything of that magnitude?” I actually spoke those words, in some way.

Initially the answer came back as a pretty snappy- nothing, just cruise for a bit and finish your book. That was hard work man! Then a few days of Twenty13 passed, an email came through with a suggestion almost identical to one NN had months ago and I started thinking….. why not? ……

So I spoke to NN about it, she made some more suggestions to make my initial one better, as always, and mentioned that we should do this one together. Instead of her just being a passenger with little say in what happens and get’s written, especially about her, we’ll nail this one together. Give both the ladies and the men some awesome content.

So this year- 2013- myself and NN (Nardia Norman if you’re interested…) are going to do:

Twenty13: 52 eats over 52 weeks


Yeah, it might not seem like much to read those words, but you just wait, by jove, you just wait!

What is ‘52 eats over 52 weeks’ about?

Such good timing that you asked that…

This is going to be a different restaurant, cafe, eatery or perhaps mates house that masks as one of the above in order to get a ranking.

The idea of this is to show the other side of what I did last year. The 52 meats was all about home cooking, me doing my thing with quality meat, albeit quite random on occasion, and informing you about what is available and possible and that eating in a healthy and nutritious way doesn’t have to be hard and time consuming. Sure sometimes you have to get three birds, de-bone them all, stuff’em all together with some pork and bits and pieces and labour in the kitchen for a few hours, ala the Turducken from week 52, but most of the time you can get a delicious and nutrient dense meal together in no time. Then just eat it, really.

This year, with the help of my beautiful partner I am going to show you how you can eat out (haha) and keep it healthy and nutritious, you just need to know what to look for and what to ask for if necessary.

Obviously many of the establishments will be in Sydney, but we’ll endeavour to do as many out of this great city as possible. However, for the most part we’ll review all aspects of where we ate that week, give it segmented ratings depending on certain criteria and an overall rating and have a little chat about the place as a whole.

Of course mine will be witty, charming and ultimately laugh embarrassingly loud on the bus funny (you just wait, again) and Nards will attempt to keep up I’m sure. I say this now as a way of getting the first word in, I find this helps get on the front foot in arguments, you see. I’m sure she’ll bite back.

In fact I know she will. Nards is an extremely good writer who has been responsible for my writing improving so much over the last year. Plus she loves food and eating out (HAHA), so her content is bound to be more informative than mine for some, especially the ladies, whilst I will let the guys know how each place rates for them. If you want to be shredded, get muscular or just live everyday as a weapon, then I’ll break it down for you. More specifics about these different eating styles to come in my book… (that’s your cue to get excited and comment below).

In the same way Nards will give the ladies an idea of how it rates for them depending on what your goal may be, fat loss, getting tight awesome looking buns, keeping your curves, or whatever else it is that girls do…

To give you an idea of what we’ll cover, below are our categories:

  • Nutrition
  • Taste
  • Budget
  • Service
  • Ambience
  • Extra mile

This will then have an overall rating with some pictures and great take home info. Oh, except for the first one due out tomorrow, we forgot to take pictures there, oops.

However, the first one is a goodun, in fact I’ll be looking to go back there again- I had some yummy food that was super nutritious and affordable.

So, there you have it people of the internet- Twenty13: 52 Eats over 52 weeks.


Now let me welcome NN and introduce her to you. Nardia, this is the internet, internet, this is Nardia:


She doesn’t mind an Espresso Martini

Hello Internet, pleased to meet you.  After being known as NN for a year, its nice to finally have all the letters of my name in print.

Firstly, I want you to know that I am not funny.  I don’t tell jokes, nor do I have the dry banter that MC excels at.  I am however, awesome at eating, drinking (I have a certain penchant for Espresso Martinis – case in point above), and compartmentalising things.

Whilst I loved every part of MC’s meat journey last year (yes I ate most of it too), I am ready to do something a little more fun, and possibly less testicle like.  So here it is, our combined chronicles of 52 eating out adventures (cue hysterical laughter from Mike regarding the ‘eating out’)…



13 comments on “2013- The Inception (but without Leonardo DiCaprio)

  1. Yay, so happy you are doing another challenge this year Mike! I have loved reading your blog every week and was going to miss your wit and information immensely so am very happy to hear you’re going to keep going! We have started a healthy eating regime in our house today and I am very excited about eating better this year! Anyway, I am just so pleased I will be reading your informative and humorous blogs again this year and glad Nardia will be officially part of it too! Keep up the great work x

    • Thanks Bex!
      Appreciate the feedback! Great to hear you guys are getting into some healthy eating! All the best with it. I’ll try and keep you up to date with quality info!
      Happy new year!

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    • Ha, we’ll most likely be dining at other places, but only review 52.
      I haven’t been to Churrasco yet, but we’ve been to Chimmichurri in Kings Cross, have you tried this one? It’s awesome…

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