Week 46: Takeaway pizza…

Sven’s Pizza

A lesson in how to gorge on pizza and still be ridiculously healthy and ripped. And somewhat conceited… No but seriously- this is how you can order pizza at home once a week and still live a healthy life. Read on… 

Nutrition- 6

Taste- 7

Service- 4 (over the phone, but easy & friendly)

Ambience- 0 (10 for our view is amazing, but no thanks to Sven, so 0 it is)

Extra mile- 7 (Pizza quality unmatched)

Budget – low

*Scores are out of 10

Sven’s Pizza rating – 24/50 on a low budget (expensive for lunch)

 Ordering in


Every now and then we cannot be bothered cooking.  Gasp!  Yes, as crazy as that seems sometimes MC does not have the energy to whip up one of his dishes, and so we let our computer do the work (note he is the major cook in our household, so if he can’t be bothered chances are very high that I won’t be bothered as well!)


A few clicks later and we have piping hot pizza being delivered to our couch.  Perfect.  However, it wouldn’t be us if we ordered just any type of pizza.  We still need to keep our takeaway options in alignment with our health conscious ways, which is why not every pizza is created equal. 


The haulSome pizzas are heart attacks on a plate, whereas others offer more nutritious, and yet still tasty alternatives.  The latter point being why we choose to get our pizza delivered from Sven’s Pizza.


Sven’s Swedish Pizza pride themselves on their delicious wood fired pizza.  With only a couple of locations in Sydney there are worth hunting down.  Unlike many of their grease-laden counterparts, Sven’s Pizza are made on a very thin base with minimal toppings.  Their aim is to leave customers feeling ‘content and satisfied rather than full and guilty’.


And that is exactly how we felt after consuming almost 2 full gluten free pizzas.  Being the sensitive wee flower that I am, I often have strong physical reactions to poor quality foods  – as such I have never been a big pizza fan because every time I eat it I am left experiencing pain, bloating and one hell of a food hangover.  Sven’s is an exception, and being able to enjoy their pizzas without the fear of feeling average afterwards is awesome.


Typically when you get pizza from one of those other major chains the pizza box is dripping in grease and you can see the saturated fat oozing out of the pizza. With Sven’s, there is virtually no external fat left on the box, which is indicative of a lower fat content.  That is not to say that it is tasteless – on the contrary – there is just the right amount of fat to keep it moist and delicious, whilst also enabling the taste of the other pizza toppings to come through.


Couple that with a healthy salad on the side, and it makes for one decent takeaway option. 


And for someone who doesn’t really like pizza, that is a pretty big call.




Pork belly pizzaYes, exactly, when I can’t be bothered cooking, then chances are, it may not happen. Somehow the NN cooking fairy doesn’t often come through…

Anyway, this was a chance to have a relaxed meal, the kind of thing we do at least once a week, as any normal and healthy person should- in my opinion.


You see, there are so many dogmatic diet ideas floating around these days. No, not even floating- aggressively shoved in our faces – these days, that finding a normal, relaxed, well practiced and sustainable eating pattern (yeah, long winded, but effective!) for you is the only way to ensure long term health and somewhat ‘ideal’ body composition.


This means mostly eating very well; naturally raised meats, loads of veggies, fruits, nuts, eggs, ‘good’ fats and some grains, while adding in some more relaxed and cruisy meals once to twice a week, depending on your current goals. Then, every now and then, just doing absolutely whatever you want. Eat a sweet potato, plum, skittles and possum pie with sugar and chocolate flavoured lard sauce if you like.

As long as you can maintain mostly normal and healthy, without extremism and ‘caving to cravings’.


That sounds pretty normal, right? Not “Avoid this, never eat that, only have this etc…”

Clear box!

Clear box!

Which is where the pizza came in for us. And as NN said, to lift off a piece of meaty triangle and see actual dry box (oh my god, how good is that sentence?! Seriously) was a far cry from the Dominoes/Pizza hut/etc pizza boxes that used to lounge around the floor of my university flats.

What did we order?

ChickenThe ‘MJÖLNER’; Wood Roasted Chicken Breast Fillet Chèvre Goats Cheese Honey Roasted Pine Nuts, and the ‘VALKYRIA’; Five Spice Pork Belly Honey Caramalised Onion Roasted Garlic Sesame Seeds Red Chilli Flakes. A simple rocket, parmesan and balsamic salad to accompany and this was almost not a relaxed meal at all. Check out the menu, it’s quite weird, but kinda cool.


So, when it comes to the inevitable ordering in occasion, think about where this meal fits into your week, and if it needs to be a touch on the healthier side, then think outside the …. (wait for it) …. BOX!

Pizza may still be a realistic option.

Still, I prefer my own cooking…


2 comments on “Week 46: Takeaway pizza…

  1. This was my favorite line of the blog “Eat a sweet potato, plum, skittles and possum pie with sugar and chocolate flavoured lard sauce if you like”. Classic! 🙂

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