Week 48: The wine bar

Chapter One Coffee & Wine Room

The cozy and friendly wine bar is now common place. The question is, does your local know their wine, and do they accompany it with good food?

For this we hit one of Sydney’s most iconic spots. 

Chapter One the story

Chapter One the story

Nutrition- 6

Taste- 7.5

Service- 10

Ambience- 10

Extra mile- 10 (a lot of tasting nights etc)

Budget – medium

*Scores are out of 10

Chapter One rating – 43.5/50 on a medium budget




When looking at the kinds of places we should do for this blog, we figured a wine bar should enter. It’s pretty common place for people these days, but they always come with the inevitable situation- do they have meals?

Well, it might not for some of you, but for me, if I’m heading out and I haven’t been fed (by myself, this isn’t a 1950’s household), then I need to know I can get something more substantial than nibbles.

Now when we included a wine bar we absolutely could not go passed the little gem that is Chapter One Coffee & Wine Room in Bondi.

Italian meatballs

Italian meatballs


Yes Ben & Rosie are friends, but they have also started one of Bondi’s best little wine and food bars. With a stunning view of the entire length of Bondi Beach and some of the best atmosphere created by these guys and their business partner Mel, Chapter One is simply a must do if you’re after an expertly picked wine, tasty food and a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Admittedly in was a little while until we dug into our first glass and plate of duck & orange Pâté, however, spending time catching up with the owner will do that (chuuurrrr bro)!


The pate

The pate


Outside of the wine carefully picked for us by Ben, we both enjoyed some delicious Italian Meatballs ala Ben’s mum. Awesome stuff Mrs Loughman!


Chapter One is always a pleasure, and I say that friendship aside. Such an open and warm place, with an amazing view, that just happens to be run by some of the nicest and most awesome people around.


So, how does one attack a wine bar in terms of health and nutrition? Well, imma pass that one right on to NN…

 Nightly special


Well my first instinct is to say ‘don’t be overly anal with your nutritional requirements’; quite simply because if one is going to a wine bar, then expect to drink wine and nibble on cheese or pâté – that is what wine bars are all about (that being said, going to a wine bar is not a green light to go ahead and get smashed – that is detrimental to your health goals!).  However, some do a better job with their quality ingredients and choice of wines, which is why Chapter One is a firm favourite of mine.


Duck pate, white wine and the beach view

Duck pate, white wine and the beach view

Ben’s attention to detail in regards to the wine selection is brilliant, and the best part is that he has some good biodynamic wines on the list.  So, for you super conscious wine drinkers there is a good selection of ‘prayed over’ wine that will tickle the taste buds.  I prefer biodynamic wines because I have less of a reaction to them, given the fact that biodynamic winemakers tend to use very little preservatives (which means less chance of a hangover and an inflammatory response- ever get a blocked nose with wine? This may be a reaction to it). 


If you don’t know much about wine, and you want to learn more, then pay a visit to these guys as Ben is more than happy to talk about the different types of wine, and give you an impromptu wine lesson; all delivered in a very unpretentious, authentic way.


To me, going to a wine bar is an opportunity to sit back, relax and fully indulge the senses in different wines.  As such, provided you are sensible then a weekly visit to a wine bar could easily work in with a healthy, sensible eating plan.  Enjoying 1 – 2 glasses of top quality wine with a little side nibble of cheese or pâté, is nutrition for the soul (and nourishing your life, outside of  ‘food nurturing’ is just as important as the food itself).


Biodynamic wine + Bondi beach view + friends who know their wine = BIG WIN!



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