Week 51: The Chirstmas buffet

In case you were wondering what happened here… well, we did finish the 52 weeks, we just didn’t write the reviews up.

So, here goes… We went to Cafe Opera in the Intercontinental Hotel and had a Xmas buffet dinner…

photo 1 (37)Nutrition- 7

Taste- 7

Service- 4

Ambience- 6

Extra mile- 6

Budget – Medium

*Scores are out of 10

Cafe Opera rating – 32/50 on a high budget (expensive for lunch)

photo 2 (35)


I’m going to sum this up super quick seeing as it’s now March, and I’m doing this more for closure than anything…

This was actually pretty good. A massive selection of good quality food for a pretty reasonable price. A very easy way to dinner a Xmas dinner- all the hassle taken care of my others while still having a huge range to choose from- so you can overeat and leave feeling proper stuff, like Xmas day should be…

ALSO THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: I remembered a joke while we were there that I made up once…

What did one body building smorgasbord say to the other? …

I’m buffet (I’m buff, ay?) – ahhhhahahahahahah. It’s ok, you can laugh too. Dad jokes all round.

photo 1 (38)

photo 2 (36)

photo 3 (28)

photo 4 (23)

Mike and Nards

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